1. Other disputes

  2. Other disputes

  3. Other disputes


  • You’ve been living together but not married, and now your relationship has broken down. What are you rights and obligations?  Are you both entitled to an interest in the family home?  Is maintenance payable?  What about for the children?  Where are the children going to live?  What arrangements do you need to make for the children?


  • You’re in a civil partnership or same-sex marriage. What are your rights and obligations on the breakdown of the relationship?


  • You’ve been divorced abroad, and the Court has already made an order dealing with finances in the country where you were divorced – is that the end of the matter?


  • You’ve been divorced in a religious ceremony. Will the secular courts get involved?  Can they?


  • You were living together as man and wife for many years and your partner has died without making provision for you. Is there anything you can do?


  • Your relationship has broken down and one of you wants to move the children away – either in the UK or to a foreign country. What happens?


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