1. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my case suitable for Direct Access?

Every case is different and you will need to discuss whether your case will be suitable for Direct Access (or Public Access, as it is also referred to). Should it become necessary to instruct a solicitor, Lucy can identify an appropriate solicitor, enabling you to retain her as your barrister.

2. What about legal aid?

Lucy cannot accept legal aid work through the Direct Access scheme. However, if your case qualifies for legal aid, you are permitted nonetheless make an informed choice to pay for a barrister on a Direct Access basis if you are able.

3. What services can be provided?

You will get first class advice right from the outset, and be assisted with clear and realistic strategic goals. You may be represented in Court on a Direct Access basis, if this is appropriate. You may just want advice on the progress of your case to date, even if you already have solicitors involved.

4. What will I have to do?

There are still some services which a barrister cannot usually provide (e.g. going ‘on the record’ or issuing proceedings). In those instances, you may have to deal with some matters yourself, although the work may be prepared for you. Alternatively, you may be advised that the time has come when you should now instruct a solicitor.

5. Can anyone use the Direct Access scheme?

Yes, although not all cases are suitable for Direct Access.

6. What next?

After you have made contact, we may have a short meeting to discuss whether to proceed on a Direct Access basis. This meeting will be without obligation on your part, and for no fee. We will discuss at that meeting the nature of your case and what you need from your barrister. This will form the basis of a contractual agreement between us. That agreement will set out the terms of business, what work will be done, the fee structure and how you can assist in the most helpful and cost-effective way.


If you want to see whether your case may be suitable for direct access, telephone the clerks on 0207 797 7837 or click here.